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Water Experts is a 
water consultancy firm powered by BOSAQ.

Our commitment is to advise our clients on their water management with a service of outstanding quality and reliability.
We ensure integrated & sustainable management of water in your organization.

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your water engineer

Expert engineering for practical and feasible solutions to save water and money.

improve sustainability

Your water management approach from all angles.

CSR & communication

Strengthen your business image and water savings through CSR and communication.

Product leadership

Your business deserves the best quality.


Our partnership helps people in need get access to clean water via  Water Heroes.

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The way to sustainable water management for SMEs
Get your water audit
Discover how we make a difference, partnering up with ISS
Partnership with ISS

Case studies

As a high-end, innovative engineering company, Water Experts specializes in tailor-made advice on integrated and sustainable water management. We design the best solution for your business, with proven profitability and reliability.

Water Experts is a young, highly flexible, and driven organization that is committed to delivering the highest quality. As a result, we create concrete added value and save you considerable time and money.

Discover how we have helped businesses from every sector solve their water challenges:

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