Water management in brown or greenfield development

In brown or greenfield development projects, water is an important 
factor to consider in the preparatory phase of the development.

Drafting an integrated water management plan can minimize water use, maximize water circularity, limit the effects of water scarcity or flooding and improve the overall sustainability of the site.


Water Experts can offer its expertise to set up a water management plan that considers:

Water-saving measures in building or production processes.
A water monitoring plan with leak detection.
Rainwater capture, reuse, infiltration or discharge.
Wastewater treatment.
Water reuse.
Drinking water production
(in case no central network is available).
Communication to involve all stakeholders.
In the sustainable water management plan, which strengthens the technical measures.

Such an integrated water management plan can be coordinated by our Water Experts, ensuring its execution and its long-term effects. As water and energy are inherently linked to one another, sustainable management of water can also positively impact energy use, CO2 emissions,…

Water Experts provides you with the best possible solution for your water management.

Case studies in development

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