How SanoRice made the best choice for a new pre-treatment through independent advice from Water Experts.


SanoRice, the largest producer of rice and corn waffles in Europe, relied on BOSAQ earlier for a water audit that resulted in annual savings exceeding €10.000. Due to successful business, SanoRice will expand its production, rendering the current wastewater treatment installation too small. BOSAQ thoroughly investigated the wastewater quality, the performance of the current installation, designed a new installation as a replacement, compared several technology providers and made a well thought out decision together with SanoRice that resulted in saving up to €50.000-€80.000 in investment for the new installation.


SanoRice Belgium is the largest producer of rice and corn waffles in Europe. Being a future-oriented company, it is strongly committed to the conservation of natural resources. SanoRice and BOSAQ collaborated in a previous project that optimized their wastewater treatment and enabled SanoRice to valorize rinse oil, bringing about annual savings exceeding €10.000. In 2020, SanoRice expands its production capacity, rendering the need to evaluate their wastewater treatment installation

The challenge

Due to the planned expansion of the production capacity, the production of wastewater would increase as well. SanoRice operates a dissolved air flotation (DAF) as a pre-treatment to meet the discharge limits for the sewer system. The elevated flow rate and level of contamination could render the existing installation unable to cope with the upcoming challenge. There was a need to evaluate the installation and, if necessary, upgrade the installation or design a new one.

The Solution

Water Experts started with a thorough screening of the wastewater composition through time, to accurately map the variability in wastewater quality. The effluent of the current DAF was monitored as well, to evaluate the performance of the installation and determine whether the upcoming increased load could be treated adequately to meet the standards for discharge in the sewer.

It was found that the wastewater quality was highly variable and that the current DAF installation would not be able to adequately handle the expected increase in load. Water Experts designed a new DAF installation that could handle the expansion. Based on the design, a selection was made of technology providers with adequate references in building and operating DAF installations.

Besides the installation design, the required buffer capacity for raw wastewater and waste sludge was investigated as well, along with evaluation between using a pipe flocculator or a stir flocculator, the necessary automation and chemical dosing, where to place the equipment on-site,… This all-in-one approach ensured that all necessities were provided in the offers. Costs for the total package were gathered and compared together with SanoRice, in order to make a well thought out choice based on quality and price.


In the end, this integrated and independent approach resulted in saving up to €50.000-€80.000 on the investment made by SanoRice for a DAF installation (max. 6 m³/h, 6m² surface area), buffer capacity and all other requirements (piping, electrical works, chemical dosages,…).

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