Case studies

Montea | Rain Water Reuse

How Montea will produce drinking water from rainwater and become self-sufficient for its new development in Lummen

SanoRice | Wastewater Treatment

How SanoRice made the best choice for a new pre-treatment through independent advice from Water Experts.

Algist Bruggeman | Water Management Plan

To be prepared for future challenges, Algist Bruggeman and Water Experts investigated alternative water sources and drafted a masterplan for water management.

Montea | Rain Water Reuse

How Montea will optimize rainwater reuse in their patrimony

De Wasstraat | Improved Water Reuse

How De Wasstraat made an informed decision for improved water reuse.

University of Ghent | Legionella & Sanitary warm water

How University of Ghent could make the best decision on Legionella prevention, sanitary warm water production and water softening

University of Ghent | Water reuse

University of Ghent wants to be a front runner in terms of sustainability and strongly investigates new ways of implementing sustainable measures.


How SanoRice saves €10 000 per year by waste water valorization and water consumption optimization.

AG Real Estate

How AG Real Estate implemented sustainable water management in its buildings

Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica

How BOSAQ redesigned the water treatment system at the Princess Elisabeth Station on Antarctica

De Leite Brewery

How De Leite will reduce its water consumption by at least 25%.

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