Sustainable water management in Real-Estate

Buildings are responsible for about 20% of water consumption, acknowledging the importance of sustainable water management in the Real-Estate sector. 

Water Experts can help you lower your water use in existing and future buildings.

Water audit For existing buildings

By performing a water audit on your existing buildings, your water use can be monitored, quick-win opportunities to save water can be detected and drafted in an implementation plan. Our independent advice can lower the water use in your portfolio.


For new buildings, Water Experts can help implement sustainable water management from the design phase. Our experts can:


Study the potential of rainwater capture, reuse and infiltration.


Set up a water monitoring plan to carefully audit your water consumption in time and continuously improve your water use.


Propose water-saving measures on the point-of-use technical installations, e.g. water-saving aerators for water taps, water-saving showerheads, toilets,…


Study the technical and economic potential of grey- and blackwater reuse.


Advise communication tools to promote sustainable water management to all the stakeholders of the building.

All these factors can be drafted in integrated management of water for the building, of which the implementation can be coordinated by Water Experts.

Your benefits

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Independent Consultancy

Get the best market solution without a bound to any technology provider.

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Integrated Approach

Our approach to water management ensures a sustainable water cycle in an optimal way.

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CSR & Communication

Tailored communication campaign, including lectures, workshops and other tools for the people.

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Product Leadership

We build a water-efficient
society together with you.

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Social Impact

Support our non-profit organization
by simply working with us.

Real estate case studies



Together with ISS, we will build a water efficient society Discover how ISS implements our services on the video below What packages do we

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