Wastewater treatment

Water Experts will design a water treatment plant according to your needs, or optimize the existing plants for you.

How We Can Help You?

DO You need
a water treatment plant?

Water Experts design the optimal treatment for wastewater plants according to your needs.

We characterize the different wastewater flows in your organization in detail so we can provide you with a tailored wastewater management plan.

This plan considers reducing the production of wastewater, reusing certain (waste) water streams within your organization and treating your wastewater in a state-of-the-art treatment plant.

DO You already
have ONE?

For existing treatment plants, our experts help optimize its operation and solve any challenges you’re facing. 

We help you comply with the ever more stringent regulations by reducing water use, optimizing treatment processes or identifying and studying additional treatment opportunities.

Your Benefits

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CSR & Communication

Tailored communication campaign, including lectures, workshops and other tools to engage all stakeholders.

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Social Impact

By working with us, you help build a water-efficient society 10% of our profit goes to Water Heroes.

Wastewater Treatment Case Studies



Together with ISS, we will build a water efficient society Discover how ISS implements our services on the video below https://waterexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/ISS_WaterExperts_11.mp4 What packages do we

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