CSR & Communication

Tailored communication campaign, including lectures, workshops and other tools to engage all stakeholders.


We believe that the efforts you take on sustainable water management are strengthened by means of communication.

The communication campaign is titled “We are Atlas”, originating from the ancient story of Atlas who was given the task by Zeus to carry the Earth on his shoulder.

The communication campaign involves team building, workshops and communication tools that inform and engage all stakeholders in a fun way.

We believe that we all can be a bit of an Atlas to help carry our world in order to sustain it.

By informing and empowering all stakeholders to act sustainably, your efforts have an impact on others and on society, Water Experts translates your technical data on water into engaging communication and mold it into a tailored campaign.

Our communication campaign will boost Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an added value to you in terms of corporate and employer branding.

CSR & Communication case studies

CSR & Communication benefits

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