How SanoRice saves €10 000 per year by waste water valorization and water consumption optimization.

The client

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SanoRice Belgium is the largest producer of rice and corn waffles in Europe.


Being a future-oriented company, SanoRice is strongly committed to the conservation of natural resources. To use water in a more sustainable and efficient way, SanoRice contacted BOSAQ for a water audit. This audit was extended to optimize the water consumption and to valorize waste streams.



Throughout the production process, various rinsing steps produce wastewater with a high content of COD and suspended matter. As a result, the wastewater treatment was subjected to a high loading rate, which translated in high operational costs. 

SanoRice also experienced difficulties with their wastewater treatment and had plans for future expansion of their production. 

For the wastewater treatment to cope with this future expansion, a thorough optimization was essential.

The Solution

BOSAQ started from a holistic approach in which the entire production process was mapped, to see whether in-line optimizations and innovations could be implemented to obtain a more sustainable and efficient water cycle. 

This thorough audit revealed that the treatment issues originated from the source, i.e. the production process.

A considerable amount of rinse oil, which was considered a waste stream, ended up in the wastewater. BOSAQ advised smart interventions in the production process to isolate and valorize the rinse oil.

The result

The smart interventions of BOSAQ resulted in annual savings exceeding €10 000 on a total discharge of 20 m³ per day. In addition, the loading rate of the wastewater treatment plant was more evenly distributed. 



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