How AG Real Estate implemented sustainable water management in its buildings

The client

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Sustainability is a major priority for AG Real Estate (AG RE), the biggest real estate company of Belgium.


AG Real Estate have set goals to manage their assets in a more sustainable way. Reducing the consumption of both water and energy will result in a reduced impact on our environment and water resources.


Water consumption in buildings accounts for a significant share of total water consumption in societies. 

A dedicated water management plan can reduce the impact that real estate has on the water cycle and AG Real Estate is ambitious to play a pioneering role in this matter.

In a first step, technical interventions to reduce water use in building assets will form the foundation of future reductions.

However, such measures are often insufficient to dramatically increase sustainability and positive impact on the environment of Real Estate companies. 

From the experience obtained by BOSAQ, it is clear that communication to all stakeholders is essential to create a movement to a more sustainable water cycle. 

Combining expert technical knowledge and effective communication is key to promote sustainable water management in Real Estate.

The Solution

BOSAQ helps AG Real Estate to become real Water Heroes. We are set out to reduce the water consumption in the assets of AG Real Estate both by offering technical solutions and by creating awareness among the tenants of the buildings to encourage them to conserve water.

At the basis of the sustainable water management plan is the collection of qualitative data and benchmarking, after which water-saving measures will be detected and evaluated technically and economically. This first step will reveal the true potential to lower the water in an economically viable way.

AG Real Estate will take the first step towards more sustainability within their buildings, however they can’t do it alone. Together with all their tenants they will strive to be real ‘Water Heroes’. After scanning the potential, the implementations will be performed, coordinated by Water Experts. A strong and engaging communication campaign will be required to get all the stakeholders involved and strengthen the water-saving measures.

The result

AG Real Estate will decrease the water use in its assets with 30% by 2025 and will obtain a sustainable image through our communication efforts.

A sustainable image has a positive effect on employer and company branding, providing AG Real Estate with a competitive advantage.



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CSR & Communication

Tailored communication campaign, including lectures, workshops and other tools to engage all stakeholders


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