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During a water audit, we start by setting specific goals and agreements together, in order to obtain the right focus. The entire site is screened and the production process is thoroughly studied to identify all water use.

After collecting and analyzing the data, a detailed water balance is drawn that will be displayed using various visualization tools, from a basic visualization to a very personalized dashboard. This enables you to continuously monitor water use and track the established savings. Based on this detailed water balance, we identify specific water saving measures within your organization.

After carefully assessing all options and their economic viability, an implementation plan is drafted based on your water saving potential. We carefully review the plan with you and coordinate the necessary implementations.

Being independent consultants, our water experts always offer the best possible solution to optimize your water use through integrated water management.

Water Experts performs feasibility studies on water reuse that provide you with the best possible solution taking into account the economic return of investment. We use a holistic approach to identify the best water reuse opportunities in your organization.

Our experts are driven by innovation in the water sector and perform detailed studies on state-of-the-art solutions for your water challenges. They set up and coordinate experiments or pilot tests to validate the potential of the proposed solutions.

Water Experts turns your wastewater into a precious resource and help capture the full value of your wastewater. Reduce your impact on the environment by reusing or recycling your water.

When the best solution is at hand, Water Experts coordinates the implementation and make sure the installation functions according to the requirements.

Water Experts designs the optimal wastewater treatment plant according to your needs. We characterize the different wastewater flows in your organization in detail so we can provide you with a tailored wastewater management plan. This plan considers reducing the production of wastewater, reusing certain (waste)water streams within your organization and treating your wastewater in a state-of-the-art treatment plant.

For existing treatment plants, our experts help optimize its operation and solve any challenges you’re facing. We help you comply with the ever more stringent regulations by reducing water use, optimizing treatment processes or identifying and studying additional treatment opportunities.

We provide you with our unique expertise and generate tailored solutions for any complex water challenges you might experience.

Some waste streams are being considered a valuable resource. Water Experts helps you investigate the valorization of different waste streams on-site in order to turn your waste into a product.

Water Experts identifies the need for water softening in your organization and select the best and most sustainable softening technology on the market.

To prevent legionella, our experts perform risk analyses and set up legionella management plans tailored to your organization. We evaluate and select alternative prevention methods based on economical and technical considerations, this ensures safe water use at all times.

For buildings, we identify the best practice to produce sanitary warm water with minimal energy and water use, while ensuring safety by preventing legionella.

We believe that the efforts you take on sustainable water management are strengthened by means of communication. By informing and empowering all stakeholders to act sustainably, your efforts have an impact on others and on society, Water Experts translates your technical data on water into engaging communication and mold it into a tailored campaign. Our communication campaign will boost Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an added value to you in terms of corporate and employer branding.

The communication campaign is titled “We are Atlas”, originating from the ancient story of Atlas who was given the task by Zeus to carry the Earth on his shoulder. We believe that we all can be a bit of an Atlas to help carry our world in order to sustain it. The communication campaign involves team building, workshops and communication tools that inform and engage all stakeholders in a fun way.

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